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Subnet d.o.o. is one of the Balkan’s premier Wireless telecommunication consulting and turn-key solution providing companies. We deliver recognized, technically advanced solutions that are future proof and customer oriented. Members of our team have unmatched technical expertise and working experience with mobile operators and service providers in the region.
Our goal is to deliver broad spectrum of services covering different wireless technologies, including radio network planning and optimization, microwave planning and installations, in-building DAS system planning, implementation and optimization.
With vast experience and strong commitment we help our customers build and operate better networks.

Quick facts:
– Specialized in different wireless technologies (GSM, UMTS, HSPA+, LTE, TETRA, WiFi)
– We are team of professionals with more than 15 years experience in radio network planning and optimization
– Able to setup, administrate and work with several radio network planning and optimization tools
– Flexible and project oriented company
– Strong project management skills and focused team
– Providing turn-key solution for coverage problematic areas (tunnels, underground parking areas, stadiums, congress centers)
– We have strong partner network to deliver different services.  

Our references

Stožice Arena

Stožice Arena Stadium

Situla Ljubljana

Luxury apartments Situla

Kristalna palača

Kristalna palača business center

Univerzitetni klinični center

University Clinical center Ljubljana



Garažna hiša

Garage houses

Planet Tuš Shopping cener

Planet Tuš Shopping cener

General hospital Izola

General hospital Izola

Onkoloski inštitut

The Institut of Oncology

Tunel Šentvid

Tunel Šentvid