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We are vendor-independent and your partner for any advice in indoor network        coverage issues. Quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness is our priority!


ABuildings are the final frontier before reaching ubiquitous network coverage, which is becoming increasingly important in all countries – including indoor and in-building coverage at airports, in shopping centres, conference centres, tunnel systems and railway stations, etc. Higher safety standards and new technologies, paralleled by an increasing demand of consumers have placed even more extensive requirements on indoor network coverage. Depending on factors, such as characteristics and size of the premises as well as its distance to the next base station, indoor coverage of a building or underground facility often cannot be accomplished through the outdoor network. Increasing the density of base stations in order to achieve full coverage is neither an economical nor a technically feasible solution and would only be partially viable. Rein- forced concrete constructions, exterior metal wall cladding and mirrored window panes, let alone separate basement areas, explosion-proof buildings and tunnel systems, make it even more difficult to implement indoor coverage via the outdoor network. In this case, the limits of technical capability are reached quickly. This is where tailored indoor network infrastructure comes in, which has to be individually planned, designed and implemented for all premises. Only a detailed and high-quality planning and design concept will guarantee optimal indoor coverage and the best possible integration with the outdoor network.

Why Choose Us?

  • Professional planning with state-of-the-art iBwave SW tool
  • Quality, efficiently and cost effectiveness
  • Flexible, Reliable and competent
  • Long-standing experience and know-how when planning and implementing your indoor radio network

Our Services

Subnet supports you from A to Z and addresses all issues in the planning and implementation of your indoor radio coverage.


ConsultingSubnet will evaluate the wireless environment in which you work to determine the reason(s) why you have a lack of cellular signal in your building. We will provide you with our evaluation and recommendations before proceeding with your project so you will have a comprehensive understanding of all the project costs involved.
• Prioritize areas of concern
• Perform signal testing
• Evaluate building materials
• Locate logical paths to run cabling & place equipment.


EngineeringSubnet will design a state of the art wireless system based on your long-term business plans and objectives. Using RF-vu, the in-building standard design and planning software from iBwave Solutions, Subnet delivers a detailed, scalable solution that will accommodate all of your wireless needs.We will work with your current architecture using logical paths to run cabling and place equipment while producing a detailed set of plans showing the predicted coverage areas.

Project planning

ProjectManagementSubnet can deliver a complete turn key package that is managed from start to finish to let you do what you do best. We will provide you with progress reports as often as you wish so you are informed on every stage of the project.

  • Creation of link budgets
  • Dimensioning of the active radio components
  • Dimensioning of the passive feeder and distributed antenna system (DAS)
  • Dimensioning of supply units
  • Detailed implementation planning
  • Cost assignment and estimation


Implementation and Optimisation

Implementation antennaThe goal of any idea or project is functional solution. To meet the last segment in our offer we provide you technical qualified and dedicated professionals who will implement designed system.
Working with cellular carriers is very important for the performance and reliability of your new system and the performance of the carriers’ network.
Subnet has in-house and certified installers to commission your in-building wireless system. We can work with your installation team as well by providing them with detailed installation diagrams to run cabling and mount equipment in pre-determined locations.
During the system commissioning we will be on-site to work with the carrier, test components, tune your system to its peak performance and record the information required by your carrier(s). Subnet works closely with the cellular carriers from system design to the commissioning of your new in-building solution providing you with a carrier-approved system that will leave you with a high level of customer satisfaction.


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